Camping Oázis Tanya

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Our campsite, Oázis Tanya is located in Southern Hungary.
In the province of Bács-Kiskun, near big cities like Szeged, Baja, Kecskemét en Subotica (Servië).
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Oázis Tanya

It is very easy to decipher the name Oázis Tanya. Tanya is Hungarian word for farm. All the farms in Hungary are named Tanya. So, our camp site has been named after an old farm, which now serves as our kitchen and common room. The part Oázis is obvious the moment you drive onto our camp site. Oázis is the Hungarian word for? You guessed is Oasis.  According to the “Oxford dictionaries” an oasis is a:

1   A fertile spot in a desert, where water is found
2   A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult or hectic place or situation.

Both description are suitable for our camp site. It’s in the middle of the rugged Hungarian Puszta. But as soon as you drive onto our entranceway, you feel as though you have arrived at an oasis. A beautifully mowed lawn, chirping birds, what else would you need?

Puszta / Pusta

As said before, our camping lies in the midst of the Hungarian puszta. The puszta is a savannah, created by de-foristation in the era of the Turkish occupation. Most of the Hungarian landscape looks like this. The name Puszta derives from the old slavic word ‘pust’ which means barren or empty. The Ópusztazer Heritage Park and the Bugac Puszta are nearby museums that paint an accurate picture of the history of this part of Hungary and about how life was in days gone by.