Camping Oázis Tanya

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  • Address: I Körzet 15, H-6411 Zsana

Our camping – location

Camping Oázis Tanya is located in the South-Hungarian province Bács-Kiskun, nearby cities like Szeged, Baja and Kecskemét. Certainly intresting to visit. The camping is not far away from the borders: Romania and Serbia and that makes our camping a very good place to reside on a transit, for a shorter or longer stop. However, it is also a very nice place to stay longer, to celebrate the holidays or just to retreat from the hectic everyday life.

The capital city Budapest (and the airport Ferenc Liszt International Airport) is about one and a half hour drive or train ride – the transport to and from the train station can be arranged. A rental car is also a good option.

If you would like to visit our campsite with your own transport, please make sure you arrive at our camping coming from the road between Kiskunhalas and Szeged (it may be less accessible from the other side!) Also take care to buy a vignet for the toll roads marked by the letter M.

The name Oázis Tanya is quite easy to explain. Tanya is the Hungarian word for farm. So all farms in Hungary are called tanya. The campsite is thus named after the old farm on the site, which is now our kitchen and social area. The Tanya dates from 1830.

The rest will probably get clear to you as soon as you arrive on our site. Oázis is the Hungarian word for, indeed an oasis. According to “van Dale”(Dutch translation book):

1 watery, fertile region in the desert

2 lovely place: an oasis of peace

Our campsite is located in the middle of the Hungarian puszta, a dry and rugged steppe-like area. But as soon as you enter our site, you will find space, grassland, a swimming pool filled with water from our own water source, chirping birds and shade from the trees. What else do you want? This is a place to relax and unwind completely. To enjoy with all your senses and to clear your head. Nice to know: the term puszta / pusta comes from the old Slavic word “pust”, which means empty/emptiness.

The puzsta landscape was created by major deforestation during the occupation by Turkey. Since the 16th century, the landscape in Hungary has looked like this in many places. The Ópusztazer National Historical Park and the Bugac Puszta are museums nearby, which offer a great insight into the history of this area of ​​Hungary and what life used to be like. The region is also known for the many thermal baths, which have a beneficial effect on your health and are definitely worth visiting.

Southern Hungary has a Mediterranean climate and is the sunniest part of the country with an average of 2,200 hours of sunshine per year and little rainfall. In summertime the temperaturei fluctuates somewhere between 25 and 35  degrees Celsius. During the spring and autumn there are lower and for some people more pleasant temperatures.