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Yoga classes are held in the open air at the campsite. These are announced at the Tanya and you can sign up per session. All materials are provided and you do not need to have any yoga experience! If you do, prepare yourself for an in-depth experience in the middle of nature…

We look for a quiet place and roll out our mats there. I (Alies) have over 12 years of experience as a yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer and I would like to let you experience what yoga does to you: moving with attention, feeling your body, dealing with tension and discomfort, or with the restlessness in your head and ultimately let the relaxation and silence be there!

Yoga comes in many forms, from very meditative to very sporty. In all forms, moving with attention and respect for your body is important and breathing is an important instrument for feeling consciously and relaxing. That is a very special experience in the pure open air!

My yoga classes are a combination of hatha yoga and yin yoga. With hatha yoga (the basic form of yoga) you do various exercises in a nice flow at a quiet pace, that make your body strong and flexible and, for example, improve your balance. Sometimes with a little challenge, but always with respect for your body and your limits and where necessary with some humor – the class is adapted to the group and therefore everyone can participate: complete beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Yin yoga is in any case a very accessible form of yoga: you do a lot of  postures sitting or lying down. You stay a little longer in the poses. Not from muscle strength, you will relax your muscles, so that space is made in the body and you can release a lot of tension! There is always a variation that suits you.

In addition to the physical effect of yoga – it makes you more flexible and your body learns to deal better with exertion and relaxation – yoga is also a very nice way to experience more emotional balance, and to be able to deal with pressure and restlessness in your head differently.  And it is also very fun to do!

The lesson always starts with calm, feeling movements and a breathing exercise to make good contact with your body, and ends with a final relaxation, where you lie on your mat in peace and let everything soak in for a while, listening to the sounds of nature.

Are you in?

* For participating in the yoga class you pay a small fee

* You can also book a fully catered yoga week with us: accommodation including delicious food, yoga every day, joint activities and plenty of time for yourself – information about this will follow!