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Subotica (Serbia)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe difference when you drive from Hungary into Serbia is crystal clear. Because Serbia is not part of the EU, you need a passport to travel into the country. There is a very official border control here and because alcohol and sigarets are very cheap in Hungary there is a very heavy customs control here. Carrying more than one bottle of alcohol is enough to be arrested…

But once you cross the Serbian border you are free to visit an amazing interesting country. Subotica is just across the border. It’s only a small hours drive from Oázis Tanya, once you reach the border there’s only 15 minutes left.


The city fell into Austrian hands in 1686 and received the status of free Royal city. During the Austrian-Hungarian empire the city was Hungarian. Even now 50% of the inhabitants of the city are of Hungarian origin. After the fall of the empire Subotica joined Yougoslavia in 1920.

From the middle of the 19th century (when the city became a rail road crossing) and 1920 (when it became a border town) the city enjoyed it’s best years. This is clearly visible in the inner city, which is full of exuberant Hungarian Jungendstil buildings. The most prominent representatives of this period are the large city hall, the synagoge and the Raichle house, which has ceramic ornaments. Subtonic is the most catholic town of Serbia and holds the chair of the diocese of Subotica.