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Stadhuis Kecskemet


Kecskemét is a town in the centre of Hungary, about halfway between Budapest and Szeged. Kecskemét is the capitol of the province of Bács-Kiskun.

Located in a prime fruit cultivation area, Kecskemét is known for it’s apricot brandy. It was also the birthplace of composer Zoltán Kodály, in whose honor a biennial music festival is held.

Kecskemét is first mentioned in 1368 in a letter by the Hungarian king. After 1526 the city falls into the hands of the Ottomans, like many big parts of middle Hungary. After liberation by Turkye in the 17th century a new era in the cities history starts, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the biggest grow occurred. In 1911 the second biggest earthquake in recorded Hungarian history hits Kecskemét. After which a lot had to be rebuild.DSCF0163

There are 5 churches in a circle around the centre of the city. A lot of weddings take place on Saturday and it’s often you can see multiple bridle couples passing on the centre square. Which btw is a beautiful square which hold the even more lovely city hall and many terraces.