Camping Oázis Tanya

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  • Address: I Körzet 15, H-6411 Zsana

Hiking and mountain biking

From our camp site you can walk directly onto the puszta. You can walk endlessly here without encountering many people! Forests and open plains with sand dunes so typical of this area, alternate eachother. The vegetation is different every season.

At some points you come across another tanya (small farm), sometimes inhabited but often deserted. There are two drinking and feeding places for the animals nearby, where you have a good chance of seeing the animals, especially at twilight. It is also fun to discover the many ‘wildlife trails’ and tracks.

We have set out four walking routes for you of different lengths. The nice thing, however, is that you can walk in all directions without paved roads nearby. There are many paths through the forest and the sand dunes, so that you can choose a different round every day and determine the length yourself.

You can also explore the area well with a mountain bike. Cycling on a normal bike is unfortunately difficult, because of the loose sandy soil.

To make the walk extra exciting, you can search for geocaches – hidden ‘treasures’ that you can find using GPS coordinates! See the website: and search for Oazis Tanya.