Camping Oázis Tanya

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IMG_1031 Demelza ook grotere tentenSpacious places

Our camping provides around twenty spacious camping spots at a slightly sloping terrain with many trees. At your arrival you can choose the most beautiful place yourself. The places are not marked, there is enough space for all guests and if needed a small extra tent will always fit. There are sunny spots and also more than enough shadow. After unloading the car, you can park it at the entrance, so that the camping site remains lovely and peaceful. All places have a 220V/6Amp. connection.

Rental accomodations

Would you rather have a ready to use and already furnished accomodation? We have two completely furnished caravans complete with added roof tent annex.

We also have two spacious family tents that we rent out. These are furnished with beds, fridge, cooking facilities and kitchen accessories. There is also a diner table and patio furniture.

Last but not least there is a two-person apartment, fully furnitured with your own kitchen, spacious bathroom and your own terrace with a view over the camping site.

With all rental accomodations comes the possibility to rent a small dome tent (or bring one yourself) for extra sleeping space.

Swimming pool

Our swimming pool (32) is warmed by solar-energy and is lovely refreshing. Next to the swimming pool you will find sun loungers and if you are lucky you can take a nap in the hammock hanging under the trees. The swimming pool is filled with water from our own water source. We don’t use artificial chloride but salt electrolyse, a clean and natural way to keep the swimming water clean and fresh.
nearby the pool you will find a playground with trampoline, climbing bars, swing and more such as a volleyball/badminton spot.  Look even further and you will also find a table tennis table and a double dartboard to entertain all ages!


Toilet building

Centrally located on the site you will find a toilet block, it contains several showers, toilets, washing tables. Warm water is available and free, thanks to the sun boiler (and a lot of sun)!.   For a small fee you can use a washing machine and a laundry line. At the backside of the building you will find 4 washing basins with hot and cold streaming water. Furthermore, there is a possibillity to empty your mobile toilet.  We highly appreciate it if you use biodegradable toilet fluids.

Accessibility for the disabled

The terrain is slightly sloping, however, there have been several guests with a mobility scooter who didn’t find any problems moving around the terrain. In the toilet block are special showers and toilets for the disabled.


Food and drinks

It is possible to order freshly baked bread or a complete breakfast. For dinner on weekdays you can join us at the dinner table for a freshly prepared daily menu. Please sign up a day ahead. For our guests we also have coffee and tea, lovely local Hungarian wines, fresh drinks and ice cream for friendly prices. At the moment we are trying to produce Vin de noix (a walnut liquer) and Palinka (Hungarian Eau de vie) all made from our own fruits and walnuts.



At the camping you are able  to use water from our own source, which is quite rare locally! This has been tested as excellent drinking water. At this moment the swimming pool and the water in the toilet block are both being warmed by solar-energy. In the upcoming years we’d like to expand this, to use more of this natural energy!

Furthermore, we use biodegradable cleaning and laundry soap. In the kitchen we work with a no-waste principle: almost everything is being used and raw fruit and vegetable waste is being composted. We would highly appreciate it if you’d join us in this!


Dogs are welcome at the camping. Please tell us if you’d like to bring your dog. We also have a very friendly dog, an Appenzeller with the name Barát (Hungarian for “friend”). He lives with us in our residence.