Camping Oázis Tanya

  • Phone: 0036204543707
  • Mail:
  • Website:
  • Address: I Körzet 15, H-6411 Zsana

Sometimes we have guests arriving BY BIKE. That is possible, but during the summer season it is hard to cycle on the dirt road and you will often have to walk. CALL US before you come and we will pick up/bring you and your bike to and from the paved road, with our trailer.

Camping Oazis Tanya GPS coordinates: 46.414310, 19.611024

It is important to not ‘blindly’ navigate on the coördinates or our adress, but in stead  follow the directions below. Do not take any unknown dirt road (without seeing our camping sign). The exit near Harkakötöny for example, is NOT suitable for most mobil homes, caravans and cars-low-on-wheels!

From the North/Budapest/M5: Take the exit Kiskunmajsa (any exit more north will lead you on bad roads!) and first navigate through this town toward Kiskunhalas. Ignore the exit near Harkakötöny unless you have a 4×4. When you come to Kiskhunhalas don’t go into the city center but follow the road you are on, direction Szeged (you will come across some houses, shops, train crossover). When you exit Kiskunhalas you  have to drive another 7 kilometers towards Zsana and turn left on the dirt road to our campsite when you see the camping sign (see below).

From Romania/via Szeged: Leave the M5 near Szeged and follow the road through Üllés towards Kiskunhalas. About 6 kilometers after the village of Zsana you take the dirt road to our campsite (see below).

From Serbia via Tompa and Kiskunhalas or
From the North or West via Kiskunhalas:
From Kiskunhalas, take the road to Zsana/Szeged (called Szegedi ut) and you will get the exit to our dirt road on your left, about 7 km after you leave Kiskunhalas city (see below).

  • Halfway between Kiskunhalas and Zsana there are signs on both sides of the road with “Camping 50 meters”
  • Don’t drive too fast because you’ll be past it in no time! (it is less than 50 meters)
  • Then turn onto this dirt road. After 1 km there is a camping sign and after 2 km again. Now turn right and you will see the campsite.

Do not forget:

A motorway vignette (matrica) is required if you take a M-road, you have to register within one hour after you enter the motorway. Vignets are for sale at any gas station and also online (in English: or

There is no need to stick a vignette behind the windscreen, checks are carried out by means of a video recording.

Valid for 10 days, 1 month or 1 year.
Passenger cars with or without caravan are group D, mobil homes are group D2.