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Baja is a one hour drive from Oázis Tanya. The Hungarian routes lead through massive plains and small villages and cities. So there’s enough to be seen along the route.


In 1308 the city is first mentioned. During the Habsburg Empire the city became the centre of commerce and transport because of it’s location on the Danube. Here corn and wine were loaded onto boats to travel the river to Austria and Germany. Until 1765 people of 3 nationalities lived in Baja. The Bunjevac (better known as Dalmatians), the Germans and the Serbs. During the Ottoman Empire the true Hungarians had escaped the country and did not return until after Hungary regained it’s lost pieces of land. After WWI, in 1918, the city fell under the rule of Yugoslavia. Two years later, the city was returned to Hungary. After the second WW the city was known for it’s textile industry and the important bridge over the Danube. And still the city is proving how important she is by the many Hungarians from the Bácska region that move to Baja for education, government and multiple companies.

SightsBaja Servische orthodoxe kerk

The Franciscan Monaster
The build of this monastery was started in 1722. The Franciscan monoas have had an important role among the people of Baja. They gave free primary education and they founded the first high school.

Kálvária Chapel
The Kálvária Chapel is part of the cemetery on the Kálvária utcában. The facade has statues of the holy Mary (mother of Jesus), de holy John and Mary Magdalene.

Saint Peter en Paul church
This church was build from 1742 to 1764.

Grassalkovich palace
The city hall is one of the most striking buildings of the city. Build in 1744 the palace has been in the hands of many noble families.

Did you know?

– Every 2nd Saturday of July is a holiday in Baja. Over 2000 pans of spicy fish soup are cooked on the large market square.
– In september there is a fall festival with theatre, dance and concerts.