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This is one of our oldest activities, from the start of season 2007 you have been able to learn how to paint on our camping.

Painting nature (in the Southern Hungarian puszta) with acrylics. Realistic as well as abstract. Landscape, portrait in landscape. Amazingly educational holiday course in sunny Hungary. With very thorough information on how to mix colors, perspective, material and space. For both beginner and advance painters because of the personal attention.


Geertjan Geers has been a professional sculptor and illustrator for the past 30 years, working with different painting technics. He got his education at the Royal Academy of Art in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)

Class hours:

From 10am to 5pm (including lunch break and as long as weather allows)

Recommended materials:


  • Titan white (60 ml)
  • Tubes 40 ml: cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, yellow ocher, burned Sienna, chrome oxide green, cadmium red, madder red, phthalo blue cyanide,  ultramarine blue and burnt umber.


  • Flat pigs hair or synthetic, no. 16, 14, 10 and 8, 6, 4 and 2.

Palette of wood, cardboard or plastic (white)

Strengend canvas or canvas board for acrylic paint (min. size A4/letter)

Painting courses:
All excluding drinks, lunch, travel and stay costs:

Materials inclusive:
300 euro per student per week (5 days, you decide when)
More than 2 students: 220 euro per student per week (5 days, you decide when)

Materials exclusive:
250 euro per student per week (5 days, you decide when)
More than 2 students: 200 euro per student per week (5 dagen, you decide when)

For 1 day, materials inclusive:
60 euro per student.
More than 2 students: 50 euro per student.

For 1 day, materials exclusive:
50 euro per student.
More than 2 students: 45 euro per cursist.

To follow this class reservation up front is necessary.