Camping Oázis Tanya

  • Phone: 0036204543707
  • Mail:
  • Website:
  • Address: I Körzet 15, H-6411 Zsana

From Austria:

  • Vienna – Through border crossing Hegyeshalom drive to Budapest on the M1 (E60-E75)
  • When you arrive at Budapest take the ring road in the direction of Szeged (M0)
  • Then take the M5 direction Kecskemét / Szeged
  • Immediately after Kecskemét take exit Soltvadkert, you are driving on the 54, follow this road till Soltvadkert
  • In Soltvadkert take the 53 in the direction Kiskunhalas
  • In Kiskunhalas continue driving on this road until you reach a roundabout (you will see a Tesco supermarket).
  • Take this roundabout for three quarters and turn right (Szegedi ut.) crossing the railway.
  • Follow now the “How to continue on from both directions” on this page


From Pécs of Baja:

  • From Pécs drive to Baja (road 6 and 55).
  • Baja to Csávoly and Jánoshalma (road 55).
  • From Jánoshalma to Kiskunhalas.
  • In Kiskunhalas drive through to the roundabout, take the 2nd exit, crossing the railway (Szegedi utc.)


How to continue on from both directions:

  • At the end of the road turn right. From this point it is still 7.2km to the entrance of the dirt road to Oázis Tanya.
  • Pay attention to the 7.2km, at that point there is a slight left turn, with on the right a camping-sign “after 50m left”
  • When you look to the left in this country road, you will immediately see, also on the right, a small nameplate for our camping site. Don’t drive too fast because it’s easy to miss.
  • You then turn onto this path. After 1 km you will see a camping sign and after 1 km more you will again see again our camping sign. Now turn right and you see the camping grounds in front of you.



Think of your motorway vignette (matrica). You can buy these at every gas station. Duration 7-30 days (heet nap = 7 days, harmins nap = 30 days). The vignette is controlled via video recording, so no need to stick it on your window. 1 week is valid for 10 days. Passenger car with or without caravan = Group D. Motorhomes are group D2.
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